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Aequo Organic purport Infinite Purity.
Aequo Organic Cream Hair Color is a French formulated Cream hair color and the safest available hair color widely recommended by dermatologists currently available in 70+ countries. Enriched with Organic and natural ingredients, it is 100% safe from aggressive Ingredients as it does not contain Ammonia, Resorcinol, Parabens and PPD. Due to Argan & Abyssinica Oil, regular use of Aequo Organic Cream Hair Color promotes hair growth and makes hair thicker. Safe for all skin types.

AEQUO ORGANIC CREAM HAIR COLOR is a confluence of pure & natural ingredients. AEQUO ORGANIC is the FIRST Natural Permanent Dermo Capillary Hair Color activated by oil, with Plant Micro Pigments. For all its goodness, AEQUO ORGANIC is famous for the intensity of hair coloring and regenerative properties. AEQUO ORGANIC is available in a wide color range including Jet Black, Natural Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Golden Medium Brown, Light Brown, Golden Light Brown, Coffee Brown, Golden Blonde, Beige Blonde, Blonde Champagne, and Saffron Red. It is free from harmful chemicals that damage your hair shaft. It improves your hair texture and helps in reducing hair fall.